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How To Make Smores Bars

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There are many easy camping recipes that stand out more than others. One of the real traditions in camping recipes and favorites among campers are the ever popular Smores Bars. Learning how to make smores bars is fun and easy. You can make smores bars in just 3 easy steps. But first, let's be sure everyone knows what smores are. Smores bars are an outdoor snack that comes from an age-old tradition of preparing them over an open fire while camping out. Many campgrounds allow open fires, but nowadays, people can contain an open fire in a fire pit, smoker, or patio grill. So now, you can basically make smores bars all year around while out camping or even in your own back yard or patio.

There are many easy camping recipes like baked beans, potato salad, and grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. But for some reason, the smores bars are always requested when there is a good campfire going and lots of people around. Smores bars are made out of three ingredients. The smores bars ingredients include marshmellows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars.

A 14.4 oz. box of Honey Maid graham crackers, and a 9.3 oz. package of (6) 1.55 oz.Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars, and a 16 oz. bag of Kraft Marshmellows can really go a long way. Each box of graham crackers is enough to make 27 smores bars. The package of chocolate bars will make 12 smores bars. And a 16oz. bag of marshmellows will make dozens of roasted marshmellows! So, here are the steps to making great smores bars.

Step 1: The best smores are made from the big fat marshmellows that are slightly roasted until they have a light brown coating. This is accomplished by sticking the marshmellow on a stick or coathanger and slowly rotating it over an open fire until brown.

Step 2: Once the marshmellow is cooked to your liking, it should be sandwiched in between two Honey Maid graham crackers (sized 2 and 1/2 by 2 and 1/2 inches).

The Honey Maid brand of graham crackers are the same maker of the graham cracker crust for pies that are so good. This is usually one long cracker broken in half. Before pressing the whole thing together, place the third ingredient on top of the marshmellow.

Step 3: The third ingredient for smores bars is Hershey's chocolate bars. These are the same size as the graham crackers, so they match up easily. Now press the whole thing together like a sandwich. By now, the chocolate will melt slightly from the cooked marshmellow, and ooz a little, making it oh so good!

It is best to make and eat smores bars while they are first hot off the fire or grill. They are sticky and messy to eat, so are best eaten outdoors. They are also filling and probably very fattening. But, they can be shared for smaller portions because they are rich. Smores bars are one of the easy camping recipes that both kids and adults enjoy eating. The fun part is sitting around the campfire while you roast your marshmellows and enjoy the night air.

Another really easy way to make smores is with a S'mores Maker. These are kitchen gadgets that are easy to store for camping trips. Some of the smores makers are for making smores in the microwave oven. Others are like a small mini grill for a tabletop. These types of table top grills can serve two purposes. One, as a fondu or hibachi style cooking device. The other, to roast a marshmellow for smores bars.

This MINI HIBACHI GRILL is perfect for roasting marshmellow indoors or on top of a picnic table outdoors. It comes with small skewers that are great for small marshmellows and can be used more than once for roasting. The Mini Hibachi Grill also duals as a Pu Pu Platter for cooking other easy camping recipes. Adding rice to small pieces of cooked meat and vegetables is a fast and easy way to make a healthy meal.  

A microwave s'mores maker is a great way to make smores bars at home in the microwave oven. There are many other easy camping recipes like baked beans, potato salad, and grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. But for some reason, the smores bars are always requested when there is a good campfire going and lots of people around. So, the next time you are out camping, or just out on your patio with a small charcoal grill fired up, think about smores bars for dessert!




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