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Easy Potato Salad Recipe: How To Make Potato Salad Recipes

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The instructions on how to make potato salad are really easy! My potato salad recipe is an all-time favorite side dish or vegetable dish that people crave with barbecue, picnics, and outdoor events in the summertime. If you have been wondering how to make potato salad, these tips will really help you.

You can make this easy potato salad recipe really fast. And, if you follow my simple potato salad recipe, you will be able to make the best potato salad that people will love! Every time I make potato salad, it gets rave reviews. My recipe is down the page a bit, and will show you exactly how to make easy potato salad yourself. But first, more about potato salad.

The best time to make potato salad is when you are serving up some of Terry's Barbecue Sauce with some ribs and baked beans. It's really fast and easy and there are so many easy potato salad recipes available to try. When I got some tips on how to make potato salad with mayonnaise, I quit buying potato salad it in the store and started making my own. I couldn't believe how simple it is to make this easy potato salad recipe. There are so many individual ways of how to make potato salad, so just try a few recipes on your own.

If you are looking for a fast and easy dish to make, potato salad is it. And, it's what most people enjoy at a large gathering. Potato salad is best when made in larger batches to serve as a crowd pleaser. Remember, there are many ways of how to make potato salad.


The best thing about how to make potato salad is that it is easy because you can change the ingredients to match your taste. Potatoes mix well with a wide range of unique flavors, so combining potato salad recipes is recommended. Many easy potato salad recipes are made with oil, without oil, with mayonnaise, and without mayonnaise. Once you find your favorite basic recipe on how to make potato salad that works the best, its easy to change it up and make it more interesting.

The only common denominator to quick and easy potato salad recipes is some kind of oil. There are several important things you should know about how to make potatoe salad. First, it is best if you can make it the night before you want to eat it. It needs time to set up. And next, choosing the potato you are going to use is really important.

Potato salads usually come in two general descriptions; potato salads made with mayonnaise, and potato salads made with a vegetable oil or even olive oil. Some potato salad recipes use mustard, assorted vegetables, and lots of different seasonings. But most potato salad recipes include a main ingredient of mayonnaise or miracle whip, especially the southern style recipes for potato salad.

The most popular potato salad is the one made from a mayonnaise based potato salad recipe. This is normally the kind of potato salad people immediately think of when they think of a potato salad recipe. While its very tasty, it does involve a fairly large amount of mayonnaise, which is of course high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Potatoe salad is just one of those dishes that stands the test of time. My favorite easy potato salad recipe is further down on the page and well worth trying.


The potato salad recipe that uses no mayonnaise at all though is gaining popularity. For people thinking about a low fat diet, the potato salad recipes that use the no mayonnaise option are available. Typically, these easy recipes use mustard and other seasonings to replace the mayonnaise.

Under the quantity specified in a recipe, just substitute the mayonnaise with sour cream, a plain yogurt, or some cottage cheese to make potato salad with no mayonnaise in it at all! Then, you can puree these substitutes in a blender for the best results. And remember, just try the low fat or fat-free alternatives to reduce on calories or fat consumption. Either way, this is an easy potatoe salad recipe idea.

Most people today are becoming more aware of their health in their choices of food. For example, oil based potato salads are becoming more popular. Remember, the first potato salad recipes our grandparents made were made with olive oil. This was probably because there was no mayonnaise available in those days. Potato salad made with olive oil is just as good as the easy mayonnaise based recipe. With the right seasoning, it can be just as good as the original potato salad.

 My favorite recipe for potato salad is my very own recipe:

I use miracle whip or mayonnaise. This easy potato salad recipe makes the best potato salad for a large crowd! Many people ask me which kind of potatoes are best for how to make potato salad. Just use the plain Idaho white potato.

First: Bring a pot of water to full boiling. Put in about 5 or 6 potatoes and leave the skin on. Cut the larger potatoes in half if needed. Boil for about 20 minutes. Use a knife to poke the center and see if it slides through the potato easily. Drain water, let cool, and peel by hand under cool running water.

Next: Chop about 1/2 of a white onion. Add about 3/4 cup of mayonnaise, 1/2 cup of pickle relish, 1-tsp of salt, and a little pepper. For potato salad with no mayonnaise, just substitute with sour cream, cottage cheese, or plain yogurt.

Then: Cut up the potatoes and add them to the salad mix from above. Stir while everything is still slightly warm. That gives it a creamier texture of potato salad.

Last: Add 3 or 4 chopped, hardboiled eggs. Cool before serving. It is best if you can refrigerate potato salad overnight to let it set up well. The trick here is how to make potato salad flavors all blend together. So make your potato salad ahead of time!

A nice addition to any outdoor barbecue picnic is a good old fashioned smoothie. There are tons of online recipes for amazing smoothies. Another favorite for cookouts deserts like smores bars. Check out Terry's easy camping recipes for good stuff!

If you want more ideas about making potato salad, you can get additional information on how to make potato salad ingredients and other tips online.There are so many free potato salad recipes online. Lot of recipe sites will usually include an easy potato salad recipe or two. Learning how to make potato salad can be fun!


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Terry M. is the founder of Terry's Texas Style Barbecue Sauce and publisher of www.terrysbarbecuesauce.com.Terry enjoys grilling out and making the best potato salad recipe for family and friends.





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