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Easy Grilled BBQ Chicken Recipe: How To Make Grilled BBQ Chicken Recipes

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Making grilled BBQ chicken is really easy! The thing about how to make grilled BBQ chicken, beef and anything else is that cooking it virtually needs no skill at all. All it needs is a willingness to stand in all that aromatic smoke and get everything cooking nicely and thoroughly. So really, nothing could be better than time out in the sun with a lot of golden crisp meat or the smell of grilled BBQ chicken.

Sometimes though, that combination of ease of work, fun, and sun can lead to a bit of carelessness. When you deal with meat, food safety lapses can end up in something really serious. So make sure that you keep these safety tips in mind before you go anywhere near that grill. Whatever festivities you have planned through summer this year, it's fairly certain, there is a lot of backyard barbecuing activity involved in spicing all the proceedings up. More about cooking safety in a bit. First, lets talk more about how to make grilled BBQ chicken.

To make grilled BBQ chicken really fast means you may leave out some important steps. Lots of people forget to take a little time ahead when preparing grilled BBQ chicken for the cooking process. So, there are a few steps you should follow.

First Step: Marinate the meat
This step may seem to be unecessary. But believe it or not, grilled BBQ chicken can dry out without some kind of seasoned marinade or sauce to help it along. How to make grilled BBQ chicken turn out the best is when you baste it generously in BBQ sauce. It is best to do this overnight, but soak the chicken at least 30 minutes prior to grilling if at all possible. Use Terrys Barbecue Sauce for a really great result

Next Step: Prepare the grill
The best grilled BBQ chicken is the kind that is not only marinated ahead of time, but is cooked on a charcoal grill. Make sure the coals are good at hot before you begin cooking charcoal grilled BBQ chicken. If you use a gas or electric grill, then be sure you keep the heat on a medium temperature. Be sure the grill is clean of any crust or debris. Use a cooking spray to lightly oil the grate. This helps keep the grilled BBQ chicken from sticking.

Final Step: Cooking grilled BBQ chicken
Place each piece of chicken on the grill. Turn after the first 2-3 minutes to lock in the juices. After 2 or 3 more minutes, turn again. Continue to turn the chicken while cooking every 3-4 minutes to keep it from flaring up or burning. Remember, barbecue sauce tends to flare up because of the sugar. So, you may need to add more sauce during the cooking process. Grilled BBQ chicken only needs about 10 minutes to cook if you are cooking breast tenderloins. If your grilled BBQ chicken is whole breasted or with the bone, then it will take longer. Dark meat cooks faster. Pulling the skin off first avoids dripping oil that flares up. Keep a water bottle handle for spraying if needed.

The best time to make grilled BBQ chicken is when you are serving a large crowd. Cooking grilled BBQ chicken is cheap and easy. When cooking grilled BBQ chicken, potato salad and baked beans are great complimentary dishes.

Safety Tips for Making Grilled BBQ Chicken

When there is a huge grilling project you have in mind, it can be easy to let a few common sense rules that have to do with food safety fall by the wayside. For instance, if the grilling party isn't until lunchtime, it is easy to get all the main ingredients outside in preparation for cooking. Now that can be a good idea with barbecue sauce or cooking spray. But it would be very bad idea for the meat itself. Certainly, for the best grilled BBQ chicken, you can't take it out of the freezer and plop it down on the grill right away; it needs to warm up to room temperature more or less, before you cook it ñ so that it will cook evenly. But that process shouldn't take more than 15 min. You want to be very careful how long the meat is out of the fridge before it's on the grill.

Do you notice that there are more E. coli incidents these days than ever before? There's a reason for this. We get more meat through industrial farming practices these days than ever before. Birds that are raised in these environments are pumped full of antibiotics through their whole lives. So, the bacteria in these environments tend to be really drug-resistant. You can no longer assume that you have purchased healthy meat to cook your grilled BBQ chicken. These days, you really need to make sure that everything that goes on your grill is cooked really thoroughly. A digital meat thermometer is indispensable equipment, especially at backyard barbecue events. Chicken breasts need to reach 170 degrees positively for them to be safe enough for pregnant women and children.

And finally, there are has been no end to the number of food poisoning cases that have come from getting clean plates mixed up with the ones that have been used to hold raw meat. So be very careful about using clean dishes and utensils. Generally speaking, it is safe to cook chicken or any other raw meat. Just be sure you are using extra precautions when grilling BBQ chiken.

There are so many grilled BBQ chicken recipes available online. Many recipe sites will usually include a free easy grilled chicken recipe. So, do a search a make notes to learn how to make grilled BBQ chicken fast and easy. Try some of these relevant and popular books from Amazon and you will be cooking grilled BBQ chicken in no time!


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Terry M. is the founder of Terry's Texas Style Barbecue Sauce and publisher of www.terrysbarbecuesauce.com.Terry enjoys grilling out and making the best potato salad recipe for family and friends.





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