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Camping food doesn't have to be made up solely of bland freeze-dried dinners and trail mix. The most obvious favorite is barbecue anything, but others include potato salad, baked beans, and steak. With an easy camping food checklist, everyone can make a great food menu for the best camping food that's healthy too! There are so many ideas and recipes that finding the right camping food to bring on a camping trip is easy. Cooking your own food makes for really cheap camping too.

Good camping food requires the right tools. You'll need a good camp stove, a set of cookware, and probably plenty of water. And you'll also need food for camping such as beans, bacon, and maybe some bisquick for pancakes. Since camping usually means some amount of hiking, lunch while camping, and some good recipes for the food you take camping, you should pack accordingly.

The best camping food tips are the ones you get from other campers. When you get out on the road and meet other people camping, they will share great camping food recipes. They can also tell you how to cut corners on the cooking techniques for outdoor grilling. Regular campers like cheap camping and will share their cheap camping food ideas.

Any meat that isn't dehydrated tends to be extremely heavy, making most campers vegetarians whether they like it or not. Especially if you're out for more than a couple days, protein gets to be an issue if your diet doesn't contain any meat. A great camping food idea is nuts and beans since they provide the easiest and lightest sources, with peanut butter often filling in a needed kick of protein at lunch or breakfast.

Though dinner usually takes up the most time and energy, breakfast and lunch are important meals while camping. Breakfast can easily be a cold meal, though it's often worth breaking out the stove for hot tea or coffee with your dried fruit or granola bar.

Pita bread or tortillas make handy bases for lunch, as they allows for sandwiches and dips but still pack easily; they're light but don't crush like regular bread. Trail mix is a stand-by favorite, as is dried fruit as they provide quick energy while on the move.

Everyone looks for kitchen storage items, even when camping. They are designed to take care of your kitchen detail with innovative camp kitchen accessories. Some of the necessities include plastic bottles, squeeze botles, folding utensils, a scrub pad, a cutting board, a salt and pepper shaker, Ziplock bags, a zippered pouch, and a plastic organizer bowls and lids.

When you pack for a camping trip, it is important to store your supplies and camping food into containers so they won't spoil. The plastic seals, keeping small bugs out and keeps the critters away. So, prepare.

Black beans and rice make an excellent meal, especially if you can find a ready-made store mix which often packs its own kick. It's helpful to have a stove that can easily simmer food when putting together a camp meal.


Among the favorites in fast and easy camping food is the Mountain House Just In Case... A Complete 7 Day Kit Contains 3 Full Meals Per Day. These meals and snacks make a great way to eat while out on the trail.

Once you make it to camp you want a big dinner; something hearty and hot. Instant polenta or couscous, though a bit heavy, provides an excellent base for cheeses, dried vegetables, or other sauces, as both are hot and filling. Dried beans and barley make for hearty camping food, though be sure to find those which don't require much soaking or you'll be eating your beans for breakfast the next day. Of course, I think the best camping food is what you can cook on the barbecue grill! Burgers, ribs, bratwurst, and chicken are easy to fix on the go.

A final touch to your camping food list is a small spice collection. Most outdoor retailers sell sets of small containers which are perfect for storing salt, pepper, dried basil, and some garlic powder. It's amazing how much flavor these spices can add to your camping food, even if it's just a dash of salt added to your dried vegetables.

With a little work it's easy to make great meals better-tasting and healthier and nothing tastes better than camping food outdoors!




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